Project Description

Dental Care Program

The residents in the Tansa Valley of Maharashtra, India, suffer from a host of dental problems brought on by poor nutrition and lack of knowledge about oral hygiene. Since 1991, PRASAD Chikitsa has provided dental care to more than 2,700 patients a year. The clinic treats all dental problems, from cavities to dentures, and is the only full service facility in a 30-kilometer radius.

1991 : Shree Muktananda Dental Van was started and served 25 patients per OPD weekly every Sunday, with volunteer dentists.

2003 : A dental clinic was founded at Anukampa Health Centre which ran half days, twice a week. To cope with the need in the area, the service was increased to thrice a week.

2008 : The clinic began to run three full days a week.

2013 : The clinic began to run six full days a week and continues to till today.

PRASAD Chikitsa provides comprehensive dental care services ranging from simple scaling to Root canal to Surgical Extraction and Dentures. Our clinic also has the facilities for Cosmetic filling and Light Cure.
The Dental Program has provided service to more than 75043 patients thus far. The program is six days a week and caters to more than 2000 patients annually. Patients now come to the clinic in the earlier stages as a result of spread of dental health awareness through school health and village health camps.