A Variety of Ways to Support

By supporting The PRASAD Chikitsa your donations will fund innovative solutions assisting children and communities in need. PRASAD works within local conditions and alongside local cultures to change lives. There are a number of ways you can support PRASAD, whether through ongoing monthly giving or a one-time donation. No donation is too small to change a life!
There are also many other ways to help PRASAD sustain and advance our work. Consult with your financial planner, accountant and/or attorney to determine which categories below best fit your individual and family situation. Then please contact our office at +91 2522302691 or email prasad@prasadchikitsa.org so we can facilitate the process of giving in this manner. 

A Monthly Gift

Pledge a gift every month to support The PRASAD Chikitsa all year long. See how monthly giving can really add up in just one year! 

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Honor/Memoriam Gifts

Give a gift in memory or in honour of someone special. All donations made to The PRASAD Chikitsa will be used to make a difference in the life of someone who is greatly in need.

Occasions for making a donation in honour of someone include birthday, celebration, birth of a child, wedding and anniversary. To make an in memoror in honour of tribute please be sure to let us know all the information at the time you make your donation to The PRASAD Chikitsa.

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