Ever-lasting positive contribution

Prasad is an organization I meet when I was living in Ganeshpuri long time ago. [...]

Helping those less fortunate

Today I was extolling to my husband over dinner how great itis to be donating [...]

PRASAD’s Water and Soil Conservation Efforts

It finally feels like summer in New York! As much as we're all happy to have [...]

A Nutrition Program giving a healthy start in life

I had an incredible opportunity to dedicate 8 months to volunteer in The PRASAD Project, [...]

Working from the heart

The Prasad Project is the best Charitable Trust to work with because it works from [...]

Empowering people through knowledge

PRASAD is a remarkable organization that empowers people by giving them the knowledge and the [...]

A smile that will last a lifetime

I am a teacher in a school that is serviced by Prasad Children's Dental Health Program. [...]

PRASAD’s Milk Project & Bhojan

PRASAD is literally a gracious gift to all of us. I call it a Nile [...]

A humbling first experience

I would like to share my 1st experience with PRASAD in 1996. I was a [...]